Welcome to our clinic recommended page. This is the most popular treatment by regulars for anyone who has no experience in massage therapy or has no specific problem.

This treatment is a house special and has been developed by Ivana (Clinic owner) over the past decade from experiences of running a clinic.

The best way to understand this, is to relate it to the following scenario.

Imagine you visit the gym for the first time or the first time in a long time. Cautious about overworking or injuring oneself, you decide to only use every machine for a few minutes. This way you get to try them to find out which you like but also this protects against going to hard and getting hurt.

Our Clinic recommended is a mixture of all techniques implemented in treatment. Includes full body massage from head to toe.Starting from the back of the legs, back of the shoulders, neck and arms. 40 minutes is spent on deep tissue to loosen up tension and knots. Then we transition into a relaxing hot stone massage. Turning the client over we do basic Swedish massage on front of legs and arms. Finally with a relaxing face massage to finish the treatment.

Client will be fully covered at all times, enjoying a heated blanked at peace.

Treatment will give the client a lovely relaxing and sleepy feeling. Next day they might be a little sore muscles due to deeper tissue techniques. This is a great treatment to test the body and have all the benefits all the techniques available.

If you would like to add a little head or feet massage please do not hesitate to ask a therapist on you consultation we are here to help.

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